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Hurley Insurance Agency’s origin story begins on Dec. 27,1944, in the midst of the Battle of the Bulge. My grandfather and founder of Hurley Insurance Agency, 1st Lt. James F. Hurley was the co-pilot on an ammunition drop off run to members of the 101st Airborne. After successfully dropping the ammunition, my grandfather and his crew took enemy gunfire and flak, forcing them to jump from the plane.

His co-pilot 2nd Lt. Lester Epstein, in an act of heroism, seeing that my grandfather had suffered burns on his hands from the fire in the cockpit, helped my grandfather into his jumpsuit Both Lester and James, as well as the other two members of their crew, managed to make it out of the plane alive.

Unfortunately, as soon as they landed on the ground, Lester was picked up and never seen again, My Grandfather was beaten and also taken to a POW camp, Stalag Luft 1. James survived the war and in an act of kindness and payback, made sure that Lester’s family received the awards that he had earned.

My grandfather never forgot the kindness and concern of his co-pilot, and so upon starting Hurley Insurance, he made sure to help insure various members of the Jewish community. In addition, many Broadway theaters in Manhattan worked with Hurley Insurance because they knew he was a reliable, caring individual who would also look out for his clients, just like his co pilot looked out for him during the war.

As I reflect on this story and his memory, I recognize that if it wasn’t for the heroism of Lester Epstein and the bravery of men like my grandfather, Hurley Insurance would not be here today to continue his legacy of providing a client-centered business.

I see Hurley Insurance Agency as my legacy of helping others put on their jumpsuits, through insurance, in case of need. Whether it’s home insurance, auto insurance, etc., we are here to provide you with the safety nets we all rely on for those moments when something goes awry. We are here to help navigate you through challenges, such as:

  • Home flooding and losing your possessions
  • Navigating insurance claims after an automobile accident,

Hurley Insurance Agency provides:

  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Home and Auto Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • We insure non-profits and houses of worship throughout New Jersey.

Everyday when I get up I think of my Grandfather’s bravery of helping others and how we should all lend a helping hand to one another. We never know when that moment will be when we will need that co-pilot, Here at Hurley we are here to guide you through the purchasing of insurance and if you should ever need that jumpsuit we are here to help with claims 24/7.

Having an insurance agent that treats you like family is what Hurley Agency is all about, We want to make you feel comfortable to call us anytime you have questions or needs.