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Our Insurance Plans & Policies.

Our objective is to help you secure the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance coverage to protect what matters most to you. 

Our Top Personal Insurance Plans

Home Insurance

There is no more valuable asset in your portfolio than the house you and your family reside.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is there to protect you from injuries and losses sustained from car accidents.

Life & Health

Life insurance is a gift to your loved ones, providing financial support after your death.

Our Top Commercial Insurance Plans

Large and National

Hurley Agencies National and International Accounts team understands the obstacles that arise due to varying international regulations, and works to protect clients against those risks.

Small and Specialty

As a full-service insurance agency, Hurley Agency provides insurance for small businesses. We also provide commercial insurance programs designed to protect specialty markets.

Middle Market

We work closely with middle market businesses to tailor coverage to their needs

Bundle & Save

Chances are there is more than one type of protection that you will need. We can show you the options you will have to package multiple types of policies at an added discount than separate individual pricing would offer.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Hurley Insurance

A great family owned business that cares about their community and their customers. You don't find businesses with the same level of ethics that Hurley Agency exhibits every day!
I’ve known Kevin for a long time. He has an amazing heart, and always wants to help people.
Jim Wacker
Jim Wacker
Kevin Hurley was most helpful when I was involved in a recent accident where my car was rear ended at a stop sign in Basking Ridge. I called Kevin immediately and he contacted the carrier . My car was in the shop the next day getting repaired by a local mechanic and it was fully covered. In addition I was provided a rented car during the period that it took to repair the vehcile. Since the accident was not my fault Kevin made sure that my rates did not go up. Thank you for such excellent service Kevin.
Maureen O'Reilly
Maureen O'Reilly
I have known Kevin Hurley for over 20 years. He was most helpful to me and my wife when we were looking for a first class homeowners policy for our home. He was very accommodating, professional and extremely knowledgeable of the various insurance companies and knows how to match you with kind of insurance and company that works best for you based on your desires. After much discussions, we decided on Chubb. Recently, we experienced a water leak in our basement. Kevin came over to the house immediately and assisted us in starting the claim process. He even contacted several disaster cleaning services to come over to the house to begin the process of cleaning, disinfecting and removing wet carpeting and damp sheetrock. Kevin not only assisted us with our insurance needs but was there when we needed him most helping us with the claim and clean-up. I recommend him highly.
Frank Clancey
Frank Clancey
Hurley Agency was most helpful when I was switching car carriers. He provided me with the quotes from the best agencies and was available every time I needed him. The best broker I've ever dealt with.
Max Clancey
Max Clancey
Kevin Hurley is a dedicated agent who goes the extra mile to insure his clients are getting top service. Give Kevin a call to compare estimates and service